Who doesn’t like chocolate?


I love my husband.
My husband loves chocolate.

We went to Monty’s Chocolates in Paddington (Brisbane) for a chocolate tasting.  Light of my Life thought it was a hilarious concept but seeing it involved eating the chocolate he was all for it.  He was in for quite a surprise. The tasting plate was brought to use by Sasha (I hope I remembered her name right, sorry if I messed it up). She explained where each piece of chocolate came from, origin of bean as well as place of manufacture and any interesting trivia.

On the plate were chocolate coated cocoa beans which were truly an intense experience, the small cups of hot chocolate were luxurious, velvety, warm, lightly spiced and thick. There was chocolate from New Guinea, Ghana and Indonesia each so completely different but all delightful. Chocolate covered nuts and fruits – apple confit anyone? And an unsuspected favourite, lychee and rose in a wafer thin covering of crisp dark 70% chocolate.   Amazing!!  Husband was thoroughly blown away and thought it the most perfect way to have celebrated his app release.  Yay me 🙂

So why am I sharing this hip expanding experience on my herb blog?  Herb flavoured chocolates of course!

Before we left I made sure to peruse their extensive range and found quite a few herb related flavours that I just had to try. For research purposes of course.

My little bag of goodies contained one of each – Coriander Praline, Lavender Cream, Violet Fondant, Wildberry & Lavender and Banana & Thyme.

Coriander Praline – Slight crunchy texture, spicy on the exhale, rather yummy actually.

Banana & Thyme – Gentle banana, velvety truffle interior but I could barely make out the thyme.

Lavender Cream – Heady perfume, could see this one do so well on a high tea tray.

Wildberry & Lavender –  Gorgeous, fruity with a gentle hint of lavender covered in a thin crunch of dark chocolate.

Violet Fondant – A gentle sweet, dainty flavour with the crunch of the fondant inside.

They were all lovely, but I preferred the Coriander Praline and the Wildberry & Lavender.  It’s all a matter of personal taste really.  Without fail though, all the chocolates were of amazing quality, a really pleasant journey around the world of the cocoa bean.

Have some herbal sweets today 🙂


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