The Non-sauce-y-ness of Mint Sauce


Hello herb lovers


Why is mint sauce called mint sauce? It’s not a sauce, it’s an infused vinegar.

I pondered this question as I looked for a suitable recipe online. When we were in the Uk I encountered the fascination of the English with this particular condiment. Since the light of my life is English and the products on the supermarket shelves are not fit for human consumption (apparently!) I decided to make some from the mint I bought at the markets on the weekend.


I found a recipe I liked but it called for malt vinegar. Now I can safely say I have never owned a bottle of malt vinegar in my life. At present I own white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, aged balsamic vinegar, cheap balsamic vinegar and even white balsamic vinegar, but nary a malt in sight. So I used apple cider – it’s very good for your health so maybe there is an added benefit for changing the recipe. Upon tasting it I made the first mentioned discovery – ok, it’s nice-ish but it’s just flavoured vinegar, so why all the fuss? and why would you put it on a perfectly roasted joint of lamb?


Feel free to educate me. Oh and I better warn you, DO NOT- under any circumstances- mention mint jelly! Apparently that substance is a hideous abberation to be avoided at all cost.


End of my ponderings



Stay Herbal!

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