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Starting out with herbs

Starting out with herbs

I wish I had counted how often I was asked, “Where do I start?” People ARE interested, and they really want to make herbal changes in their lives, but they are daunted by the information they see available.

A herbal welcome

Finally, a sign of life from the intrepid travelers. It has taken some time to organize net access, but it would appear that I am now able to share some of my adventures with you. We are on the Dorset

Kitchen Herbs Are Medicine Too

At a time when there were no health food stores and online herb suppliers not everyone had access to medicinal herbs. Or did they? People distinguish between medicinal and culinary herbs but really, culinary herbs ARE medicinal as

Herbal drinks – A modern take on ancient recipes

Hello Herb Lovers, On Sunday Pixie Boy and I went to the Northey Street Organic Markets in Windsor (Brisbane).  After we had our usual Tibetan Morning Rice for breakfast – creamed rice with goji berries, pistachios, orange syrup and whipped

Winter Herbs – Planting Guide

Hello Herb Lovers, If you think your herb gardening days slow down now that winter has set in you might be surprised to hear that the cold season is a busy one indeed.     No matter what area and

Herbal Holiday – England

Herbal holiday part 2:   From Frankfurt we flew to the UK. We stayed in a gorgeous little Dorset village called Mudeford. Temperatures were 10 – 20 degrees warmer than Germany which made outings a little easier.   Unfortunately we

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