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Make vitamin water that’s actually good for you

Vitamin water made with fruit and herbs, no suggar added. It's such a simple idea, yet so very good for you. At a time where some of you are sweltering in early summer heat, this may be a great

Refreshing Elderflower Liqueur

Refreshing Elderflower Liqueur

Continuing on from my previous post on making cordials and a natural cleaner, it is now time to bottle the Elderflower Liqueur I made. The original elderflower liqueur recipe that inspired me requires that you soak the herbs in vodka to

Dandelion Soup Recipe

Dandelion Soup Recipe

If you search for dandelion recipes you'll often find Cream of Dandelion as a popular soup recipe. I wanted something a bit different and was very happy when I found a chicken and dandelion soup which sounded hearty and

Elderflower Cordial – Deliciously refreshing

Hello Herb Lovers, Since our winter never really happened and the temperatures are rising surprisingly fast, I made a batch of Elderflower Cordial.  Everyone knows that I just adore elderflowers – for their taste and their benefits.  Elderflower cordial is

Lemon Balm Liqueur – Making your own is easy

Hello Herb Lovers,   I already mentioned my glut of lemon balm to you so I thought I would subject you to more lemon balm posts.   A few months ago I made some lemon balm liqueur – for medicinal

The Many Uses of Lemon Grass

Hello herb lovers, Every now and then I read a post by another blogger I feel compelled to comment on, especially if it means that Herbology can come to the aid of someone who is in need of herbal assistance.

The Easiest Herbal Remedy Ever

Hello Herb Lovers,   Guess what? The parcels have arrived!! You know what that means, right? Lots of herbal goodies for me to share with you.   Of course they have arrived while I am mid nervous breakdown. Tomorrow is

The Non-sauce-y-ness of Mint Sauce

Hello herb lovers   Why is mint sauce called mint sauce? It’s not a sauce, it’s an infused vinegar. I pondered this question as I looked for a suitable recipe online. When we were in the Uk I encountered the

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