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More Herbology on Facebook

Ten years ago blogs were the go-to places for fast information, meeting like minded communities and many creative ideas. Blogs are still popular of course, but Herbology for example has more fast moving information and interaction on the Facebook page these

Herb First Aid

So I figured that all Herbology readers would definitely be interested in 7Song's 'Herbal First Aid'. Over 20 years experience of natural first aid is now at your disposal :)

Making Cinnamon Stick Santa

.and here is the last of my trio of cinnamon posts. After Cinnamon Ornaments and making Cinnamon Candles, it is now time to use the rest of all those cinnamon quills and pieces of cassia bark to make

Cinnamon candles

Covering candles in cinnamon is the absolute easiest;project, no craft skills required at all.....but they make great decorations or decorative gifts. I had a bag full of large cassia bark as well as the more traditional cinnamon quills, so in the

‘Tis beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

So, just in time for the silly season, lets have a look at some seasonal herbal gifts and decorating ideas. Cinnamon Ornaments seem to make the rounds every so often, but I had not tried it before. Who had the

The book, the articles and those giveaways

The book, the articles and those giveaways

It has been completely manic over the past month (or two), everything having been taken over by the release of 'Homemade Health'. Instead of it being all I post about on here I thought I would do a some

Make vitamin water that’s actually good for you

Vitamin water made with fruit and herbs, no suggar added. It's such a simple idea, yet so very good for you. At a time where some of you are sweltering in early summer heat, this may be a great

Herb Awareness 2012

It's that time of year again. HERB AWARENESS 2012 is happening on Sunday May 27th at Albion Peace Hall from 9 til 4. This annual event is hosted by the Qld Herb Society, for everyone who wants to know

Hildegard Von Bingen

I was studying a German regional cookbook for my other blog last night and stumbled across Hildegard Von Bingen. In a cookbook! In case you are not familiar with this rather cool lady, I'll give you a quick summary

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