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Elderflower Cordial – Deliciously refreshing

Hello Herb Lovers, Since our winter never really happened and the temperatures are rising surprisingly fast, I made a batch of Elderflower Cordial.  Everyone knows that I just adore elderflowers – for their taste and their benefits.  Elderflower cordial is

Baby Eczema – Treating skin disorders with herbs

Hello Herb Lovers, My little Pixie Boy has some skin issues I am not at all happy with.  I suspect that he has inherited possible food intolerances from me and that the dermatitis on his legs and back are a

Herbal Remedy Ingredients – Is lack of availabilty a sign of lack of demand?

Last week I went to the health food store to get supplies for my sick son. I did not want much, just some eyebright (herb or tea) to make an eyewash and some raw honey to make cough syrup. The

Getting ill at daycare – Herbs can help children get better sooner

I thought that my baby had a really good immune system. He is 29 months old, has only once been worryingly sick and has had the sniffles a few times but that’s about it. I was happy with that as

Herbal year to come….

Hello herb lovers Did you have a great Christmas and New Year celebration? Well, I had a whirlwind trip around the globe which involved lots of food, drink and family en masse. There were also moments that involved snow –

Herbal Heaven

Good morning herb lovers, greetings from Germany!   I couldnt help myself, I just had to share my afternoon with you all. I am in Frankfurt with my family. There is a very old fashioned (very big, very beautiful, very

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