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Starting out with herbs

Starting out with herbs

I wish I had counted how often I was asked, “Where do I start?” People ARE interested, and they really want to make herbal changes in their lives, but they are daunted by the information they see available.

Herb shopping at the Markets

Herb shopping at the Markets

Some of you, especially those from the Northern Hemisphere, may be a bit amused at what I brought home. My basket was full of basil, mint, English spinach, dandelion greens, fat hen, cobblers pegs, ribwort plantain and marhsmallow.

Cooking with Herbs – Thai Cuisine

The fresh and healthy taste of Thai food prompted me to write about the health giving properties of the herbs used in this popular cuisine. Authentic Thai cookery relies on five essential tastes - sweet, sour, hot, salty and bitter.

Kitchen Herbs Are Medicine Too

At a time when there were no health food stores and online herb suppliers not everyone had access to medicinal herbs. Or did they? People distinguish between medicinal and culinary herbs but really, culinary herbs ARE medicinal as

Herb Soup – An ancient recipe to see in the new decade

Hello Herb Lovers, The new decade is only 2 days away and since herbs are what I do, I am bringing you a super herbal recipe with which to start the new year. I have recently been researching some medieval

Herb Gardening – A perfect winter morning

Hello Herb Lovers, The kids and I have just spent a wonderful morning in the herb garden.  With winter well and truly here my garden had been neglected for too long.  This morning the sun was shining brightly and the

Winter Herbs – Planting Guide

Hello Herb Lovers, If you think your herb gardening days slow down now that winter has set in you might be surprised to hear that the cold season is a busy one indeed.     No matter what area and

Herbal Ups and Downs

Hello herb lovers I have been really slack taking this long to post again. But here I am and it’ll be a long one.   This morning I went out to the Brisbane Produce Markets to buy a large amount

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