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No friends of people’s medicine

No friends of people’s medicine

You see, here in Australia there is this group that call themselves 'Friends of Science in Medicine', a bunch of more than 400 doctors, medical researchers and scientists who have taken it upon themselves to bully our universities into closing

Herbal Petcare – Healthy pets, naturally!

Herbal Petcare – Healthy pets, naturally!

Humans arent the only living creatures to know the healing powers of herbs. Animals in the wild will naturally turn to herbs if they are feeling unwell and our domesticated friends can benefit as well.

`Dangerous' Herbal Medicine in the News

Caveat emptor – “Let the Buyer Beware” – not usually a principle applied to herbal medicine, but it should be. Recently in the news there has been much talk about toxic herbal cures and herbal remedies having devastating effects. And

A Natural Healthier You in 2010 – Are you ready to take responsibility for your health?

Hello Herb Lovers, Is Your Health in Your Hands in 2010? Here we are, another year wiser. Or are we? While thinking about my goals for the New Year I wondered whether there will be more personal accountability in regards

Herbal Toothpaste – A greener way to whiten your teeth

Hello Herb Lovers, With more and more people embracing a greener attitude to modern life, there is an abundance of commercial hair & beauty products that utilise the benefits of herbs. Some are just the same old synthetic products made

Baby Eczema – Treating skin disorders with herbs

Hello Herb Lovers, My little Pixie Boy has some skin issues I am not at all happy with.  I suspect that he has inherited possible food intolerances from me and that the dermatitis on his legs and back are a

Alternative Health Treatments Cause Permanent Damage

How is that for an attention grabbing title?  I think it is appropriate when a recent news item proved once again the importance of common sense and moderation in terms of alternative health treatments. Herbology and I have always maintained

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