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The good, the bad and … the media

The good, the bad and … the media

There is much good to be done by including herbs into a healthy lifestyle. Much of the old traditional herb lore has been lost over time but there is somewhat of a revival now that people are more interested in

Organic Elderberries have arrived!

Organic Elderberries have arrived! "Black elderberry extract was found to be at least 68.37% effective against the H1N1 strain otherwise known as Swine Flu Pandemic strain."

NEW Australian Herb Community – Coming Soon

Do you suspect something is missing from modern society? Do you wish you could give your child a free and natural childhood and reconnect with the traditional women’s wisdom that was once passed down through the generations? Do you want

Hot Chillies – Pocket Rockets of Goodness

Hello Herb Lovers, My black chilli bush is bursting with fruit so I thought I would put my mind as to what to do with it all.  It’s only a little bush but it more than covers our use of

A Natural Healthier You in 2010 – Are you ready to take responsibility for your health?

Hello Herb Lovers, Is Your Health in Your Hands in 2010? Here we are, another year wiser. Or are we? While thinking about my goals for the New Year I wondered whether there will be more personal accountability in regards

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