Surviving the Heat with Herbs


Hello Herb Lovers,

Lately the  Australian sun has been quite unforgiving with temperatures rising to rarely seen heights. We all know that it pays to be sun wise, however on those occasions when staying out of the sun just isn’t an option you might like to turn to the natural goodness of herbs for your summer survival.
Summer Sun

Sunburn Soother

Fill a jar with fresh Rose petals and Calendula (Marigold) blossoms.
Cover with Apple Cider vinegar, and soak for 2 weeks.
Strain, and bottle.

Use this floral vinegar in a Soothing After Sun Bath.  Just add ½ to 1 cup to a warm bath to soak the burn away

Or try it as a Sunburn Spritzer. Mix 1 part of the floral vinegar with 2 parts water. Pour into a spray bottle and use to help calm the burning & itching.

Heat Exhaustion Tea

1 teaspoon each
dried Mulberry leaves,
Peony root bark
and Peppermint leaves
1/2 teaspoon each Liquorice root
and Ginseng root
1 litre water

Combine the herbs and water.
Bring to the boil, then simmer for 20 minutes.
Strain. Drink a cup before going out in the sun.

Survive the scorching summer with herbs!

For my Northern Hemisphere readers who are suffering from quite the opposite extreme of severe cold and rather excessive snow falls, here are some tips on how to use herbs to boost your immune system while battling the winter chills.

Stay herbal

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