Studying the craft of herbs



A FREE webinar on An Introduction to Plant Identification with herbalist Steven Horne and Thomas Easley is being offered by The School of Modern Herbal Medicine.

“It’s great that modern herbalism allows us to purchase ready-made herbal products in capsules, tablets, tinctures and other forms. However, it’s even more wonderful when you actually know how to harvest and use local plants. There’s something magical about being able to pick a wild plant or even a common garden weed and process it into your own herbal medicine. It helps you to recognize the bounteous gifts of Nature that are available to us for free.

In this free introduction to our Botany class, we’re going to discuss basic flower parts and introduce the characteristics of several major botanical families. We’re not only going to talk about the plant characteristics of these families, we’re also going to discuss some of their basic chemistry and energetics”

Sign up and keep the date free, I’ve already secured my place on the line.


Also, Latisha Guthrie from is holding a HerbCraft e-Camp,  a 6 week virtual nature camp for anyone interested in learning about mamafolk methods of herbal craft making.

“HerbCraft eCamp is filled with activities to awaken each of your senses encouraging you experience the natural world with the excitement of a child again.

Campers will receive:

  • Detailed instructions on how to prepare six of the most basic and effective types of herbal remedies
  • Lively video demonstrations of the entire medicine making process
  • Complete PDF instructions including step by step photos
  • Encouragement for engaging your wild and primal self with weekly activities offering you a chance to deeply reconnect with the nature that is right outside your door
  • Gentle guidance into the sacred use of herbs with spiritual bathing, flower essences, plant journey and incense
  • A private forum to share your experience with other HerbCrafters”

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