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Hello Herb Lovers,


I apologise to everyone who popped in and saw a rather messy site. We are doing a major software upgrade thingy (that’s the technical term) on Herbology and somehow that has affected Herb-blog-ogy. I came in here and lo and behold there was the default WordPress theme not our beautiful green and white theme. Hmmppffff!!!! Not happy , Jan! It’s back now but I thought I best forestall any other greeblies getting in the way while we upgrade.

The Herbology site will be down until at least Tuesday – sorry folks! If I was more technologically advanced I’d probably blog about that…..ermmmm, I mean I probably wouldnt have these problems.


On a herbal note:

I am expecting a large parcel of goodies, actually 3. Two from Amazon and one from Sydney Essential Oil Company. What that means is that I will have new resources with lots of new recipes to try as well as the ingredients to do so. Also, SEOC has inconsiderably increased their minimum order to $200, so I had to quickly order stuff I have been meaning to get before having to spend double the amount I intended to spend. So I’ll either have to bulk buy, share purchases with others, or find a new supplier. *sigh* what a bother.



With the new stuff come new posts and articles to share. I am hoping to bring some step-by-step photo articles to Herbology, and will probably show some of the smaller tips on here. Camera is charged, kitchen is clean…..c’mon Mr Postman. My adoring herbal fans are waiting!



Stay Herbal!

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