Simples are Simple!

Herbal remedies that use ‘Simples’ are remedies that only use one herb at a time. These are the easiest herbal remedies to make from home and are also the generally the quickest. Surprisingly they can often be the most effective as well. These remedies allow a deeper intimacy and connection with the herb and therefore, a deeper understanding of its healing components.

Although many herbalists choose to use a combination of herbs in order to treat a symptom or illness, there are still herbalists today which see the potential of the Simples method. By using one plant at a time you are giving yourself the advantage to see exactly which herb does what and if you are unfortunate enough to have an adverse reaction to a Simple herbal remedy then you know exactly where it came from and can eliminate that herb from your future recipes. Some herbalists choose to use one herb for a long period of time in order to allow the body to become accustomed to this healing agent, plus it makes it easier for them to discern what the herb is doing for them and what the accurate dosage should be. Although professional herbalists have the ability to experiment like this, amateurs should not take this course as it could be highly dangerous should you get the dosage wrong or should you have a severe reaction to the herb.

You may already know that there are hundreds of different herbs, each of which can perform a variety of functions, and so it may be hard to choose the right herb for the right symptoms. This can be true for many people and so this is where the professional herbalists come into place. After examining you and your symptoms a professional can easily suggest the perfect herb to heal your problems. This is not only because of your symptoms but they take into account your underlying condition as well and this makes it easier to choose the proper herb. For example, cumin can be used as an anti-inflammatory or as a stomach digestive aid for someone with either one however if the patient has contraindications such as an ulcer then this herb would not be appropriate. Thus it is important to get a professional opinion until you feel confident to diagnose yourself. Once you have the solution from your herbalist you can always make the remedy yourself at home, especially if it is a Simple.