Season's Greetings and a Herbal New Year



Wishing you all a very Herbal Christmas & a healthy New Year

I would like to thank all my readers for their continuing support throughout 2008.  It was my goal to have 300 new members subscribe to the main Herbology site this year and I am very proud to say that I am only 9 shy of that number. YAY!

Over the past 12 months there have been periods of crazy activity and contribution to the site and other times where life got the better of me and very little happened on Herbology as a result.  The month of October didnt even see a newsletter go out!  New articles are still going up all the time, right now there are gardening articles going up every month as there have been for the past 5 months.

Also, the recipe archive has been updated with additions to each category.  You will now find recipes for:

Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Herbs and Smoked Salmon

Garlic, Lovage and Apple Dip

Mixed Herb Salad with Toasted Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds

Pickled Plums de Provence

Natural Deodorant

Natural Body Powder

Eucalyptus-Mint Disinfecting Soap

Lemon-Mint Window Wash

Robust Rosemary Lamb

Herb Stock

Carrot & Coriander Soup

Rhubarb Cordial

Bavarian Herb Soup

Spring Herb Vinaigrette

If Christmas was all a bit much and the stress is getting to you there are many natural ways to treat the stress of the season. Start the New Year the way you intend to live it – relaxed, herbal & healthy.

All the very best to all my readers – I’ll see you in 2009!

Stay herbal

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