Roses are Pink


Roses are Pink

(make a day ahead – up to step 4)

1 pink Grapefruit, cut into segments without rind, pith or seeds
350ml pink Grapefruit juice 
3 tablespoon Lemon juice 
200g caster sugar
250g Rosewater
handful of Rose petals

1.Boil sugar and rosewater for 4 to 5 minutes. Cool. 
2.Mix grapefruit and lemon juices then combine juices with rosewater syrup. 
3.Pour into a freezer-proof dish and freeze until almost firm.
4.Break into chunks and reduce to a slush in a food processor, cover and put back in the freezer until firm.
5.Scoop two or three scoops of sorbet onto each plate, arrange with grapefruit segments and scatter rosep petals over the top.


Recipes inspired by Michael Van Straten’s “Super Herbs for health and healing”

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