Rosemary goes Scientific


Good morning herb lovers,


There is something I find a tad irritating. Scientists!


I realise that that is probably a bit of a strange statement, especially since the light of my life just happens to be a scientist.


You see, my beef isnt with the profession as such but their tendency to boohoo the unproven use of something, then – when they themselves find evidence that it does in fact work in the way it has been used for 100’s of years – tout it as a NEW discovery.


So why am I standing on this here soapbox? Rosemary! That’s why.


Some bright spark out there has realised that Rosemary contains a compound which may be of use in the treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases. Some of you may already know that Rosemary has been used to improve mental faculties for many hundred’s of years. Of course no one then, or until recently, knew that the active ingredient is called carnosic acid (CA), but they did know that Rosemary had very few (if any) side effects. Something this modern day scientist thinks is very good NEW news.


OK, look, I think it is excellent that science is looking into herbs for their answers, I honestly believe that everything we need already exists in nature, it just needs to be found. And that is where scientists do come in handy. If they could just get off their high horse while doing so, and work in co-operation with those people who have a lot of historical and traditional (albeit unproven) knowledge. In this case it will be great to specifically target a specific disease such as Parkinson’s. In the old day Rosemary was used to keep the mind alert, aid concentration and other mental faculties. Unknowingly, by using Rosemary in many low doses as they would have in their diets and in remedies, people had been protecting their brain cells from damage caused by free radicals. Certainly herbs used in such a fashion are more a broad spectrum treatment for overall health instead of a treatment for one singular problem, but I happen to think that that wholistic approach is a good one. What do you think?


Have a read of this Medscape article it’s actually very interesting. Active Compound in Rosemary May Be Neuroprotective by Caroline Cassels (Nov 15,2007). Registration to Medscape is free.



Stay Herbal!

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