Rosemary at Christmas….


I came across a lovely Christmas related herb legend.


According to this legend, the flowers of rosemary were originally white. It wasn’t until the Virgin Mary laid her blue cloak upon the fragrant branches one day that the flowers took on the soft, blue colour. Up until the 20th century, rosemary was amongst popular Christmas evergreens along with holly and mistletoe. A gilded rosemary sprig was a considered a fine gift to be treasured.


I could not find why it fell out of use but apparently in some circles it is making a comeback. Rosemary now finds its place in wreaths and topiaries as small Christmas trees.


Maybe we can use the symbolism of rosemary,that of remembrance, to help us remember our roots and all the blessings the earth bestows upon us without all of the commercialism.


Whatever tradition, or even origin of this festive season you subscribe to, why not add some rosemary and bring back some of the old ways?


Oh and it helps concentration and memory as well, which is probably a good thing when one too many festive drinks fogs the mind.



Stay Herbal!

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