Returning from Australian Floods


Greetings from a watery Australia,

If you have lived in a cave for the past couple of months you will have missed reports of the extreme floods that have devastated 75% of Queensland (Qld is 13 times the size of the UK btw) and now also some areas of the southern states of Australia.

My family and I were very lucky that our home stayed dry and the water only came onto our street. We were cut off for a day or two and lost power for a week.  Many (too many) suffered far, far worse during this time and we have been doing our best to help out with the cleanup efforts locally.

If you can find it in your heart to help the many (did I mention TOO Many?) people who have lost loved ones, had their homes flattened and have their livelihoods left in ruins then please contribute to some of the official fundraising efforts around the world.

Qld Flood Appeal

VIC Flood Appeal

Now that we have power back and life is getting back to its normal sense of insanity I will be able to get back to Herbology and all you herb loving folks.

It’s good to be back  🙂


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