Pest Repellent Plants by Penny Woodward

Pest Repellent Plants
An A-Z of plants to be used as pest repellents. This book covers companion planting to repel insects from other plants, personal insect repellents as well as plants that keep insects and rodents from your home. Pet flea control and general pest control in the garden is well covered.

Penny Woodward explains how plants work as repellents to create a healthy garden. She also includes recipes on how to use the various herbs she describes in the form of sprays and oils, etc. There is scientific information as well for those that like the figures to back up their use of herbal pest repellents.

This book is a great, compact reference guide, something that the organic gardener might value. Even those of us who are not strictly organic but want to decrease the use of chemicals in our lives as much as possible will have a lot of use for this particular book. Definite thumbs up from me.