On my mind …. Sweet Woodruff


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While growing up in Germany we would often have bright green syrups or jellies which I later learned were flavoured with Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum).  Two days ago, while on a Christmas Foodie Tour (hosted by Taste Trekkers) I found a carbonated softdrink which is also flavoured with the same herb.  Of course I had to buy it and see if the taste is that of my childhood and it is.  Not overly sweet, it has a flavour that is difficult to describe.  Maybe floral is another word for it, very pleasant that’s for sure. I always wondered if the bright colour was natural or added artificially.

So today sweet woodruff is on my mind.  I’d like to find some,  fresh of course, to play with and see if I can recreate recipes of old.  Oh, that reminds me, one of the quirky ways of using the sweet, green syrup is to add it to a light wheat beer and turn it into a  Berliner Weiße a drink popular in Berlin dating back to the 16th century.

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