NEW Australian Herb Community – Coming Soon


Do you suspect something is missing from modern society?

Do you wish you could give your child a free and natural childhood and reconnect with the traditional women’s wisdom that was once passed down through the generations?

Do you want to take control of the health of those you love the most while creating new traditions and connections with your children that they can then pass on to theirs?

A brand new Herbology is on its way!

With her grandmother AnkeB explored the fields and forests of Germany and climbed the foothills of the Austrian alps where women hand down from mother to daughter the secrets of herb lore. She now brings this Herbology lore to women in Australia who want to learn more about the traditions and lore we used before pharmaceuticals ran the world.

Learn how to make herbal teas, infusions, decoctions, tinctures, oils, ointments, creams and much, much more.
Find your way to natural health and save yourself a fortune in medical and chemist bills.

Stay Herbal and Register Now

to be a part of Australia’s ONLY herb community that caters to the home user – YOU!


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