Natural Herbal Remedies to Treat Hyperactivity in Children

In no way are we saying that we can cure ADD/ADHD or various disorders on the Autism Spectrum. What we are saying is that you can ease a lot of the symptoms which prove so disruptive to your child’s development.

This type of diagnosis, where the doctor prescribes potentially harmful drugs for our children has been going on for decades however today many parents are questioning the effects that prescribed synthetic medications can have on their children. There are herbal and natural treatments which can be tested and used on your children which are 100% safe when used correctly and you can be confident in their health-giving properties.

Sometimes it can be diet adjustments that are of help. Too many artificial additives in our food can have a cumulative effect in the young. Also, many sources report that simple caffeine is a major stimulant to some children. It may not be as easy as cutting out the caffeine laden softdrinks you child might drink. There are many foods which you would not suspect to harbour caffeine so it is always a good idea to check. Guarana for example is a caffeine like substance from South America and it is now used in many trendy foods and beverages. With a bit of research, and maybe the help of a professional herbalist you can easily learn about alternatives to the standard drug treatments used. Perhaps you can have a chat to your child’s physician and work out a complimentary treatment whereby you can use herbal treatments alongside the medication he or she is already taking.


There are a number of beneficial caffeine free herbal treatments that are commonly used to treat hyperactivity in children, including:

  • Ginkgo leaves
  • Brahmi (Bacopa)
  • Green oats

Each of these herbs is used to increase blood flow to the brain while acting as a neutral antioxidant. The treatment of ADHD does not need to be harmful to your child and many herbalists believe that the underlying cause has a lot to do with the foods they are being given and the overall healthiness of their lifestyle.

There are remedies which include both stimulant and sedative herbs and sometimes all it takes is a gentle and balanced combination of each to find the natural and healing results you have been looking for. A few changes in your child’s diet and an introduction of safe herbal treatments can have an enormous effect on the level of hyperactivity.

Hyperactivity in children is becoming more and more common and parents are becoming more frustrated with the sometimes severe medications their children are being prescribed.