Moon Tea – Making an infusion by the light of the full moon


Last night the first full moon for the new year rose in all her glory. It was my intention to make a Moon infusion (also known as Moon Tea) with fresh comfrey leaves and flowering stalks from the garden.  The reason I chose comfrey was that, apart from its incredible healing powers,  it is associated with prosperity and protection.  The idea was that at this time of year, where new goals and ambitions are at the forefront of the mind, it would be a good idea to back up all the good intentions and dreams with a bit of help from Mother Nature.

Apparently I needed something comepletely different because Mother Nature intervened in my plans.

Yesterday we had the hottest day in several years. The original plan was to pick my comfrey first thing in the morning before the heat of the day could zap all its active compounds.  When I got up it was already too hot.  During the day temperatures reached over 40° C/105F so there was no hope of picking any comfrey or any other fresh herb for that matter.

Looking at my dried herb stores I wondered what to substitute and was drawn to lemon balm.  So I filled my jar with a handful of dried lemon balm and purified water, closed it and placed it out into the light of the moon for the night.

This morning I looked deeper into the symbolism of my lemon balm moon infusion to see what message Nature sent me with this choice.
As it turns out, lemon balm shares many lunar female properties. It is beneficial for the inner work of examining suppressed feelings and emotions. In folklore, lemon balm was used to ward off evil, and to promote good health, love, and good cheer.  The calming effects of this herb allow you to look deeply without getting carried away with the emotions examined. In meditation lemon balm can help you identify trouble and find ways to adapt, overcome and even thrive because of it, or maybe in spite of it.

Interesting? You bet!

Stay herbal

Have you ever made a Moon infusion?
Did you know you can do the same in the light of the Sun?

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