Missing out on Herbology Facebook updates?


Quite a few of our Herbology Facebook ‘likers’ have mentioned that Herbology posts are no longer showing up in their newsfeed.

Facebook have recently made some changes giving preference to showing your friends feeds over pages.  This would be why you have been missing the most recent blog posts, discussions and ideas.

FB page owners work hard to create an interactive community and it is easily the best place to access the latest updates and news.

There are two ways you can get Herbology showing on your newsfeed:

  1. Interact on the Herbology Facebook page ‘Like’ wall posts or Comments.  This also helps the community grow; or
  2. Create lists


Just as you can create a list for friends or business contacts you can now also create a list for any pages you have “liked”.

  1. Place your mouse over the list title on your Facebook newsfeed page, this is in the left sidebar
  2. Click more
  3. Create a list and name
  4. Click add Friends
  5. Then in the top right corner click the drop down menu which is defaulted to friends and choose pages
  6. Then press done
  7. Add all your favourite pages to this list and never miss out on Herbology updates again.


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