Making Cinnamon Stick Santa


….and here is the last of my trio of cinnamon posts.  After Cinnamon Ornaments and making Cinnamon Candles,  it is now time to use the rest of all those cinnamon quills and pieces of cassia bark to make some Cinnamon Stick Santas.  I know, I know….not everyone goes for the Santa thing, but these guys are really cute.  You can call them St Nicks, or Knecht Ruprecht, or Father Winter if you like.  All I know they made my boys smile and were fun to make.

Red craft paint
White craft paint
White puffy paint or fake snow paint
Black craft paint (I used a black Sharpie instead)
craft glue

The process is easy enough.  Paint I wide band of red for the hat, followed by a smaller band of pink for the face.  I did not run the pink right around, preferring my face to just be in the front.  Once these two are COMPLETELY dry, you can add the eyes (and mouth if you like), and a long bushy beard.

You could try running the beard all the way down the quill, or you could paint a red ‘coat’ on as well.
I gave Santa a smile on the bigger cassia bark pieces, but left it out on the smaller quills.  No coats for my guys as I wanted the natural bark look.

To finish them off, add a blob of glue on the back or inside the top and attach a ribbon for hanging.  The colours stand out beautifully on the fresh evergreens.

That’s the last exclusively cinnamon post, I promise.  Not saying that other posts won’t have cinnamon in them, just not ONLY cinnamon 🙂

Ok, I am off to make some potted lemon balm shrimp for a post on my Knights At My Kitchen Table blog, which has been neglected even longer than Herbology had.  Pop by tomorrow, the post should be up by then 🙂

Stay herbal

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