Lower blood pressure, naturally.


The healing properties of garlic have been helping people for centuries.  A veritable powerhouse of active ingredients which are reported to ease an A-Z of ailments and treating  high blood pressure is one of the health issues on this list.  It has long been said that if fresh garlic is regularly included in ones daily diet, it would ease hypertension.  Seems that all the old stories weren’t too far off.

A new study out of Adelaide reports that garlic could be the perfect adjunct to treatment of high blood pressure and thus reducing the need for conventional medication. (This is a very good thing!)

Admittedly the study used a rather small sample, only 50 subjects.  However, it is really nice to see that plant extracts are still being investigated which means that there is still hope for western societies, that they may one day use natural and modern medicine to work hand in hand. Well, I am always the optimist and I will not give up doing my bit to spread the word.

Ok, off my soapbox and back to the article featured in the news this morning

Instead of using fresh garlic, the study found that a carefully aged garlic extract worked most effectively in their trials.  According to the article: “Garlic powder is not as stable and you don’t know the dose you are taking, and garlic oil doesn’t contain the active substance.  Aged garlic is prepared in a special process but you can buy it in the shops here.”Garlic is thought to have an anti-hypertensive effect because it stimulates production of certain chemical substances called nitric oxide and hydrogen sulphide, which helps relax blood vessels.”

What does that mean in practical terms?  Well, I interpret it to mean that garlic is great for you anyway for many reasons including regulating your blood pressure. But if you have a problem with high blood pressure you may now have a natural way of reducing your blood pressure medication as well. 🙂

Stay herbal

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