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We would love to invite you to join us in the celebration of the launch of the latest instalment to the Herbology At Home series of practical guides to herbs & natural health.  To read details about the book, and Anke (in case you are new to her work) click HERE

As part of the launch we are planning a blog tour and social media campaign, the details of which are outlined below.

If you think you might be interested in joining a campaign that will expose your blog and your message to thousands of targeted readers, we’ll be very happy to have you on board.

What’s it all about? Why should I join the launch?

We are so excited be offering the first launch blog tour for the month of June. Homemade Health is the 3rd book in the Herbology At Home series of practical guides to herbs & natural health and we want you to be part of the promotional fun.

You can reach a large targeted audience without the expense of advertising.

      • You receive visitors to your website
      • You can build your mailing list (as you require visitors opt in to your list in order to be part of giveaways or prize draws)
      • You put your product into visitors hands
      • You can empower people with knowledge and a new consciousness of optimism and become a significant participant in creating a positive future.
      • You can gain great exposure to your peers and thousands of people by email. Join us in this book launch, using this new approach to advertising that is full of positives without any expense.

How does it work?

We will shortly be sending out an invitation to visit our book launch page to thousands of people on our mailing lists, their friends and family members.

Naturally your details will be featured on the blog tour list as well as on several sites and social media pages.  Your blog will also feature on status updates advertising your chosen Homemade Health content.

You will be responsible for getting the word out to everyone on your mailing lists, social networks, etc. We will provide you with the copy several days in advance. You’ll also receive sample tweets and status updates you may wish to use on your social media outlets.

Once the campaign has run its allotted course, there will be a random draw of all bloggers taking part to win a Herbology prize pack.

In exchange for your participation in the book launch, we ask that you do several things:

1) Notify your email list and followers on social networks about the launch between June 5-26.

2) Offer a spot on your blog during the launch period for your choice of :

  • a Q&A ( 5 questions posed by you or your readers, answered by Anke)
  • guest post  ( approx. 500-800 words)
  • your review of Homemade Health

3) Rate, review and add tags on the Amazon listing for Homemade Health

4) Add to your mailing list

What do you have to do?

We expect to reach a great many people interested in natural health which provide a very targeted audience for your blog.

Just fill out the form below, mark the dates on your calendar, and we’ll keep you posted!

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