Infusion vs Decoction

Do you know the difference between Infusions & Decoctions?

If you are planning on using herbs to make your own teas and brews  then you will likely encounter infusions and decoctions, both are time honoured methods for delivering the goodness of herbs in the form of tea.

Infusions are made with soft plant materials such as flowers, leaves and soft stems.

Decoctions are used for harder plant materials like roots, seeds and bark. Unlike infusions, decoctions are left on the heat and simmered for a length of time.

The differences between infusions and decoctions are simple when look at the two processes. You can make a herbal tea using absolutely any herb and you can choose the right method by looking at it’s physical properties.  It makes a big difference if it is a root or a leaf, but if you employ the right method you’ll have a great cup of tea every time.

Anyone can create their own herbal and remedial teas at home using these age old processes.  Whether you are looking to maintain your health, prevent future disease or cure a current ailment, herbal tea has the power to do just that. Getting into the habit of drinking herbal tea every day is a great ritual to  maintain a healthy lifestyle. Herbal teas can be very soothing and relaxing and this is just the type of stress relief everyone needs at the end of the day.