How to Make Herbal Creams

250ml herb infused oil
250ml warm water
20gr beeswax (not paraffin)
8 drops essential oil (optional)

Melting Wax

Combine infused oil and beeswax, and heat mixture just enough to melt the wax. In a separate pot heat water just enough to be warm to the touch.

Use a blender

Put the warm water into your blender/food processor. Take the centre ring from the lid. Then, with the blender running at high speed, slowly add the oil-wax mixture in a steady stream. Half way through (or thereabouts) you’ll see the mixture turn white and thicken. This is the time to add the essential oil, if you are using any. Keep adding oil until all used. Don’t turn off the blender until all the water has been amalgamated.

Finished Cream

The mixture will be too thick to pour, so use a spatula to fill your widemouth jars while the cream is still warm.

Stored at room temperature, this cream will keep for 6 months*. If you store it in the fridge (and dont use it with your fingers) it may well last 3 times that long.

* Any product containing water is a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure all your equipment is very clean and dont dip your fingers into the finished product. Always use a small spatula or other applicator to keep products free of contaminants. Beeswax, essential oils and vitamin E are natural preservatives which should give your products a shelf life of 6 months. You can also use grapefruit see extract which is a strong antiviral agent.

See Herbology At Home’s  “Making Herbal Remedies” for more base recipes and methods.



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