How to Infuse Oils

500ml vegetable oil
50gr dried herbs

Herbs to be infused

Make sure you herbs are quite fine, if needed chop nice and fine., but do not reduce to a powder. Place into a container and pour in just enough oil to cover. (This may be a little more or a little less than the 500ml stated)


There are two ways to go from here.
1. You can heat the the oil/herb mix for about 5 hours to 30C either in the oven or using a double boiler. Check temp with a thermometer.
2. You can put the containers out in the sun on a hot day. The oil in the jar will be cooler than the surrounding air temperature (approx 5C colder) so this may take a day or two in the Australian sun.

Strain out the herbs

Strain out herbs. In this case I let mine drip over a period of time, but you could use a fine kitchen sieve lined with muslin. If there are still some herb particles you can always filter it through a coffee filter to remove the last stubborn bits. These bits may irritate if rubbed on the skin.

Stored in a cool place, herb oil will keep for 6 months*. If you store it in the fridge it will keep much longer.

*Make sure your oil stays uncontaminated. Any water, even the tiniest amount can cause bacteria to grow and spoil your oil. This is the reason you use dried herbs, never fresh, when infusing oils.