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Herbology At Home Book 3 - Homemade Health

HOMEMADE HEALTH – The 3rd book of the Herbology At Home series has finally hit the shelves.

When a new book is released upon the unsuspecting public, quite often the author will go on a book tour.  Book stores all over the state/country host book signings and readings to help promote new releases.  Since my readership is spread so far and wide, across a great many countries, I figured that a virtual book tour gave everyone the chance to attend events hosted by participating blogs from around the globe.  It also looks really cool to say that one day I am in Derbyshire (UK) and the next day I am in Melbourne (AU), soon to be in Illinois (US). The frequent flyer miles would be awesome, the air fares would not.

During the tour the hosts are presenting a variety of content to keep you all interested.  There are author guest posts, Q & A sessions, reviews and giveaways of autographed copies of Homemade Health.  Please visit these blogs, they each have a great message and I am very grateful for their support of Herbology and the Herbology At Home series of books.

I hope I’ll see you there 🙂
Anke B  

Details for Homemade Health can be found HERE.

Date Blog/Venue Content URL
Tues 5th AU Suz’s Space Q&A session http://www.suzs-space.com/
Wed 6th AU Accidental Hippy Post: Herbal Cleaners http://accidentalhippy.com/
Fri 8th US Comfrey Cottages Book review http://comfreycottages.blogspot.com/
Fri 8th AU The Friday Tea Club Guest Appearance & Book Signing at the Herbal Infusion Appreciation Class http://tlicious.com.au
Sun 10th AU Radio 4BC Interview with Clair Levander on Talking Gardening http://www.4bc.com.au/gardening
Wed 13th AU Rhianna’s Guide to Ethical Eating Post: Wild Foods – For Health & Environment http://mizrhi.wordpress.com/
Thur 14th UK Herbal Haven Book Review http://herbal-haven.co.uk/blog/
Sat 16th US Writing Opinions Book Review

Post: Starting on the herbal health journey

Mon 18th AU Susan Kirk |Journalist Book Review http://www.susankirk.com.au/
Tue 19th AU A Green Witches Garden (FB)

Book Review

Q&A session

Thurs 21st UK UK Herbarium Post: Herbs for Pets http://ukherbarium.co.uk/blog/
Fri 22nd US Comfrey Cottages Post: Stillroom Book – Recording herbal traditions for future generations http://comfreycottages.blogspot.com/
Mon 25th AU Mayking Tea Book Review http://maykingtea.wordpress.com/
Tue 26th AU The Environmental Rhi-Source Q&A session http://envirorhi.wordpress.com/
Wed 27th AU Herbalicious (FB) Q&A session http://on.fb.me/z2E5gm
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