Homemade Health, Hay House, Sydney Gardens & more


Since the book launch …..

Things have been pretty crazy since May this year.  Once Homemade Health made it onto the shelves I was pretty busy with the promotional stage of the journey.

Herb Awareness 2012 was a great success. This annual event held by the Qld Herb Society found me speaking to a lot of new readers and I even got to meet Costa (The crazy host on ABC’s Gardening Australia) who loved the message of the Herbology At Home books and he even bought up a stack of them 🙂

Then it was time for a radio interview with Clair Levander on 4BC, tea appreciation classes with May King Tsang, a presentation at Noel Burdette’s Spring Fields Garden Centre, oh….and of course the Virtual Book Tour that happened globally at the same time. It was huge!!

I thought I would finally get a bit of calm back in my life when …….

Hey hey, Hay House !

Thanks to all you beautiful people who follow Herbology on Facebook I was able to win a ticket to the Hay House Writer’s Workshop which was held in Sydney on the 27th of August.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about (why are you not following on Facebook?) – Hay House is an international publisher, and they were running a competition on Facebook where people could enter their idea for a book. If their idea was shortlisted as something Hay House might be interested in, it was put to the vote on Facebook where the highest number of comments and ‘likes’ got the winner a ticket to their Sydney event.

My idea was shortlisted (yay) and a whole lot of lovely people voted for my entry.

I wont bore you with a blow by blow account of the workshop, but it was very informative, I met lots of succesful authors, and I now have the opportunity to lodge a proper proposal of the book idea that won me the ticket in the first place.  The proposal that will get picked up will get an international publishing deal and a nice $$$ advance.

*cross your fingers for me*

Sydney was not completely without herbs though.

On my first day in town I headed straight over to the Botanical Gardens to check out their herb gardens.  The beds were laid out beautifully and I can imagine the abundance of colour, structure and fragrance……if it just hadn’t been the middle of winter!!! I did make sure i took some photos though as even in winter Australian gardens don’t die down completely.

Gorgeous sundial with herbal art


And now……

Usually I like to have the electronic versions of my books ready at around about the same time that the print versions hit the shops.  This time around things got away from me.  With Amazon’s various Kindle devices the formatting got a tad more tricky and I kept putting off having to learn new coding.  (Can you blame me?)

Homemade Health on Kindle


Finally though, it’s done!

To celebrate this little milestone, and your patience, I made the Kindle version free for 5 days.

Admittedly I did expect there to be quite a few people taking advantage of a free Herbology At Home book, but I had absolutely no idea that there would be 31,000 (!!!!) downloads at the end of the 5 days. How amazing is that?

Homemade Health on Kindle – No longer free but still great value at $4.99.

Now don’t say you don’t have a Kindle e-reader.  Amazon is way ahead of you and offers Kindle apps for your computer, smartphone, tablets and iEverything.

Read Kindle books on your phone, computer or tablet




What’s next?

Well, hopefully a lot of interaction with you, the Herbology community!

Other than that, later this month I’ll be presenting at the Women’s Publishing Network on the topic of running a Virtual Book Tour. Hoping to rescue my kitchen garden after a particularly dry winter and in general get down to offering you guys more herbal goodies along the way.

For now my dear herb lovers, I hope you are all well and getting on with plenty of herbalicious acivities.

Stay herbal


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