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Hello Herb Lovers, it’s FAQ time again!

Dear AnkeB,

I have a question for you – High Blood Pressure – what herbs can bring it down?

I have only once suffered high blood pressure and that was during my son’s pregnancy and now it has raised it ugly head again. As I am also suffering from gall bladder issues the doctor gave me only pain medication and told me to go home and rest and relax, to allow my blood pressure to return to normal. To which I have done almost to the letter, except for gardening. Today, although I feel calmer within, I still feel a little off-centre, a little dizziness when I get stand-up etc.

I was wondering what your thoughts are on, which herbs would be suitable to use to assist in lowering my blood pressure. I know garlic is good, but you know there is only so much garlic you can eat.

Regards Kelti

Hi Kelti, sorry to hear your health is giving you some unexpected trouble.

As usual, before I can answer your question, I have to point out that I am not a professional or in any way a qualified healer. What I know I have learned from knowledgeable people, books and experience. High blood pressure can be quite serious and needs to be checked out by a health professional. Seeing that you already have someone monitoring your situation and it is getting better, I might have come across a couple of options that can help you lower your blood pressure even more.

I’m not sure what herbal stores you have at home….but here are two possible recipes….a high blood pressure tea and a blood pressure lowering massage oil. (Courtesy of Kathi Keville’s Herbs for Health and Healing)

High Blood Pressure Tea
1 liter boiling water
1 teaspoon each of hawthorn berries and flowers, ginger root, valerian root and motherwort leaves.
Pour water over herbs and steep for 20 minutes. Strain and drink at least 2 cups a day.
You can also make these herbs into a tincture using the same proportions or you can look for commercial tinctures with similar herbs in them.

Blood Pressure Lowering Massage Oil
12 drops each orange and geranium essential oils
2 drops cinnamon essential oil
1/2 cup of vegetable oil
Combine all ingredients. Use as massage oil or add a teaspoon into your bath. Stir well before getting into tub.

In Germany doctors often prescribe valerian and hawthorn for high blood pressure. Also, as you already mentioned adding garlic to your meals (or in this case more garlic as I am sure you already take garlic) can lower your blood pressure for that day. Onion also, but to a lesser degree.

Of course no tea or coffee.. use green tea instead. Seaweed is good…salt is bad….

For relaxation…valerian, skullcap, motherwort, linden & lemon balm (the last two are my favs).
and sniffing an apple-cinnamon blend is supposed to also lower blood pressure (or orange blossom oil called neroli). The trusted book says that next time you find your pressure rising bite into an apple and peel some oranges :)

hope you find some help in there

All the best, hope you get better soon.


NOTE: If you are pregnant and suffer from high blood pressure DO NOT use the above remedies. Speak with your care provider……natural or otherwise…..before starting on a course of herbs.

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