Herbs can harm as well as heal


I couldn’t agree more with Tina Sams’ The Essential Herbal Blog: Self Diagnosis, or Dr. Who? when she says “Is it because healthcare has become so expensive that it is out of the reach of middle America, nevermind our poor? Is it because the internet has put so much information at our fingertips that we are deluded into thinking that we know more than we do? Since when did we all become doctors?”


Most of us do not have the benefit of a medical degree behind us and therefore we are often ill equipped to diagnose our own ills (or that of anyone else for that matter).

Everyone knows that I feel strongly about the use of herbs for all manner of situations but just because something is natural doesnt mean that it’s safe. If a herb is traditionally used to treat a certain illness how do you know that it is right for you? Not everyone reacts the same or has the same health needs.
For example one person may drink herbal tea with mint in it and have no problems at all whereas another person may do the same and develop an allergic skin rash.

Do not presume to diagnose your own health issues, see professional to make sure you get a correct diagnosis and then research what alternative remedies may be of use to you.

By not taking the time to consider all the factors and seeking advice you could be putting your health at serious risk. It is these risk factors which make it important to educate yourself before you decide to take herbs of any form and then you should test the herb for a few days at a diluted dosage before using it at its full concentration so that any adverse effects are mild rather than severe.

People who are diabetic should not be taking certain herbs; some herbs should not be taken when on certain medications and sometimes the combining of certain herbs will achieve a negative result. There are many rules which people neglect to learn before they jump into the herbal world with both feet. Take the time to do the research, find a reputable source of information like Herbology, you can trust and learn what you can about herbal remedies so you can use them safely and without regret. Learn more about which herbs to avoid with certain conditions and what herbs or combinations of herbs are not safe. It is your health, take the time to learn so you can take responsibility for it.

Remember to always stay safe…

Stay Herbal!

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