Herbology vs Herbalism vs ??? – What’s your definition?

What's your opinion?There are so many sites on the internet dedicated to Herbology.

On Facebook alone I found seven pages, other than my own, named herbology. Some seem to have interesting philosophies on what herbology actually is. Of course there are the ubiquitous sites dedicated to the use of marijuana, some are based on the herbology classes at Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, there are some that say that herbology is a branch of magic, and then there are some that talk about it as a pursuit of herbal knowledge and it’s uses.

What is your definition/philosophy?
Here is mine….from Herbology At Home: Making Herbal Remedies...

There are many terms like herbal medicine, botanical medicine and herbalism which all describe the same thing.

However, I draw a distinction between herbology and herbalism. Sure, both deal with herbal medicine but to me, and for the purpose of this book, herbology is an amateur interest whereas herbalism is a professional pursuit.

Now, just because I said “amateur” does not mean that it is in any way less effective or less important.

What it does represent is a continuation of an ancient tradition whereby herb lore is practiced by everyday people in everyday situations.

I’d love to hear your view on this one.


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