Herbology at the dentist


Ok, tell the truth, who of you enjoy a visit to the dentist?

I certainly don’t. I do however seem to spend a lot of time there.

This last visit was a herbal eye opener.


I had to have a tooth out, well there was much more to it but I wont go into gory details. People’s eyes tend to glaze over as they busily head to their happy place and pay no attention to all the graphic information anyway.


Anyway, after the extraction I developed dry socket. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it, neither had I. Basically no blood clot forms to cover the wound. So, after many days of excruciating pain and pain killers having no effect whatsoever, I went back to the dentist. Imagine my delight when he pulled out this very pungent dressing that he was about to plug the wound with. Sniff Sniff Sniff…..could it be?


Yep, clove oil!! A very medieval looking concoction was stuffed into my gum and the pain was gone within 10 minutes.

I thought this was totally brilliant. Complications which arose from a very high tech procedure and which did not ease with modern synthetic drugs, were cured with ancient ingredients. Hurray to Cloves.



Stay Herbal!

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