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Homemade Health was meant to be available this month, but due to the madness that is life, not to mention floods and other disasters, the release will be a tad late.

I am sure that it will be out before Mother’s Day, so never fear, your dilemma of what to get Mum is solved!

Stay tuned,

The idea behind the HERBOLOGY AT HOME series to natural health is that they provide a convenient reference guide you can take with you where you need them most. There is no unnecessary padding, just the important stuff.

• Suggestions and recipes, hints and cautions.

• Written with the home user in mind, in a language that is easy to follow.

• A common sense approach to safety and working herbal health into a busy, modern lifestyle.

MAKING HERBAL REMEDIES is the first book of the series, it gives you the base formulas for all the remedies you are ever likely to make at home.

HOMEMADE HEALTH is the second book, to be released in 2011, it is a collection of old time home remedies straight from the pantry. Some tried and true, some quirky, but all based on natural remedies your grandmothers probably knew and used.

Soon to follow are more guides to incorporating herbs into your life.


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