Herbal year to come….


Hello herb lovers

Did you have a great Christmas and New Year celebration?

Well, I had a whirlwind trip around the globe which involved lots of food, drink and family en masse. There were also moments that involved snow – which was brilliant for our little (almost) two year old.


Herbally speaking Germany was amazing, just as I remembered it to be. Herbal wines, mulled – were on sale all over the city of Frankfurt. The sweets I already mentioned, the green grocers sold out of Mugwort a week before the herb would be used for the traditional roast goose dish served on Christmas Eve. I honestly was in herbal heaven, and I was only there for 3 days!


On to the UK for two weeks over Christmas and New Year. This was the big family reunion event so I didnt get to do much investigating of the herbal kind. The two things I did notice however were that there were a lot of herbal products available in the supermarkets (e.g elderflower drinks, deserts, health products) but that there were very few fresh herbs available in the upmarket supermarkets I frequented.


Of course in Hong Kong, on the last leg of our journey there was plenty herbal medicine to be found. The Chinese are very into their ancient remedies and the medicine shops often look like what you imagine a witch doctor’s practice to look like with some very spooky ingredients hanging from various corners of the room.


I will post some of my experiences in more detail once we are over our jetlag and I upload my photo collection.


Here’s to 2008 being a very herbal year for us all


until then


Stay Herbal!

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