Herbal Ups and Downs


Hello herb lovers

I have been really slack taking this long to post again. But here I am and it’ll be a long one.


This morning I went out to the Brisbane Produce Markets to buy a large amount of pomegranates. Last year I made my first attempt at pomegranate liqueur and it was so delicious that I just have to make more (a lot more) this season. I have seen them in the supermarket for obscene amounts of money so I figured they must be in season and I should go to the source to get a decent price.


As it turned out my trip out was full of pleasant flashbacks to our holiday. Firstly, the markets reminded me very much of the hustle and bustle of the food markets in Hong Kong, except this one had way more forklifts (and a lot less variety). Unfortunately it turns out that the Australian pomegranate season has not yet begun and that the fruit I spied in the supermarkets must have been imported. While I was there, and was thinking of our trip and how much colder it would be in Germany right now, I suddenly got the idea to make a very traditional German dish, specifically from the Frankfurt region where we had stayed. I’ll make green sauce!! Great idea in this horridly warm and humid weather.


So off I went to find deliciously fresh herbs. Errm….sure, if I could just find any. There were plenty of straight-from-the-ground Asian herbs but not much on the European front. There was one supplier whose name I recognised from having bought their herbs in the past – but they were closed. *sigh* Ahh well, it was a pleasant trip out anyway.


I then had to run boring errands like grocery shopping. Stopped off to buy myself a beverage and what did I find? An organic drink with seriously herbal influences!! My day was looking up. I chose a bottle of Wild Potion made by Wort Organic and apart from the juicy things like lemon and other citrus contains Lemon Myrtle, Chamomile & Echinacea. I have tried their Lemon & Ginger drink once before when we popped down to Kingscliff for a weekend, and was impressed with that one too.


Boring, boring shopping, then…….. I decided I was going to make green sauce anyway. Found myself a respectable looking green grocer and bought Flat Leafed Parsley, Lemon Thyme, Dill, Mint and Basil. Which is not bad considering the recipe calls for Parsley, Tarragon, Chives, Lovage, Chervil, Borage, Cress, Salad Burnet, Dill and Sorrel. Why is it so hard to find a good selection of herbs? Why does it always have to come down to the usual half dozen of so? I can get a better variety at the farmer’s markets but they are not always on when I need to go shopping *more sighing* I have made this recipe quite before based on whatever limited herbs I could find at the green grocer, so I knew that my selection wasnt that bad. I did however have to adjust the quantities as some of the herbs I had chosen overpower some of the others. Basically – play it by ear.


After I got home I eagerly started on my recipe and once I had used several unkind words about the quality (or lack thereof ) of my herbs I arrived at this….

Herbs for Green Sauce

And once I had boiled eggs, separated them, added oil, yoghurt, sour cream, mustard, salt & pepper, garlic salt and nutmeg (p.s. who took off with my nutmeg nuts???? I had to use the stuff from the jar. The outrage!) ……I got this…..

Green Sauce

Ok, so it may not look brilliant but is delicious!! With some crispy pan fried potatoes and some medium rare roast beef (hot or cold – the meat that is) ………or on boiled potatoes and fish…….or…….in a day or two when it has set a little it makes the best spread on fresh sourdough bread (in my case with the thinly sliced roast beef and some roast capsicum).


Overall it was a good herbal day but it certainly drove home the importance of raising herbal awareness – Once people know about it more, want to experiment some more with herbs then the demand for better quality and more variety increases thus the supply will increase (we hope).


Get out there! Buy herbs! Talk to your green grocers!


Stay Herbal!

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