Herbal Shampoo from Scratch


Herbal Shampoo from Scratch

600ml boiling water
handful of dried soapwort
250ml strong herbal infusion

Pour the boiling water over the soapwort, cover and leave to cool.Meanwhile make a strong cupful of infusion of the herb most suited to your hair – leave to cool. After 30 minutes strain the soapwort. Add this water to the infusion.

If soapwort is not available you can substiture soapbark or yucca root. Or if all else fails you could also mix a plain baby shampoo and a very strong herbal infusion (ratio 1:1).

Herbs for all types of hair:

* Dry Hair – comfrey, elderflower, marshmallow, nettle, parsley, sage
* Greasy Hair – balm, lavender, marigold, rosemary, southerwood, witch hazel, yarrow
* Anti Dandruff – chamomile, lavender, nettle, parsley, rosemary, thyme
* Limp & Dull Hair- basil, horsetail, lime flowers (linden), marigold, rosemary, sage
* Itchy Scalp – catnip, chamomile, comfrey

Or check out Herbal Hair Care for more ideas.



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