Herbal Products at Tinderbox – An Australian herbal haven


Today I am super excited!

At the Veterans’ Affairs Nutrition & Healthy Choices Expo I ran into a Facebook friend of mine and she mentioned a herbal shop in WA.  True to her promise of sending me information about it, it arrived in my inbox this morning.  Thank you Barbara.  I popped over to the site and I AM IN  LOVE!!

How can I not have heard of this place?  The products sound superb, fantastic philosophy and work ethics , just the photos of the premises make you want to move in permanently.

Ok, so you’ll want to know what this amazing herbal haven is called right? I hope they wont mind me stealing the logo for this post.

In their own words: “Being in the Tinderbox can ignite a spark of knowing, like tuning in to a common wellspring of plant lore that is inherently part of being human. Somehow people recognise this when they smell and feel the products; it is like they could have made them themselves, so familiar are they. Indeed, plants do possess a biochemical intelligence that speaks directly to the human organism. It is this symbiosis between plants and humans that we explore and develop.

The Tinderbox range includes: a comprehensive range of herbal teas for most common ailments and simple enjoyment, gorgeous skin-care products, herbal remedies for effective and simple home treatment, home accessories, natural incense, seductive, pure plant perfumes, a delicious gourmet collection, divinely smelling massage oils for every type of use, aphrodisiac and pregnancy products as well as aromatherapy options.

These are no ordinary products, but an “experience” of healing and well-being at affordable prices.”

There are stockists all over Australia and even in mainland China & Taiwan. I already have a big list of products I want to try.

Of course I love making my own products and would love you too to try your hand at making your own herbal goodies. But realistically, not everyone has the time or the inclination to do this.  That doesnt mean they should have to miss out on herbal goodness to improve the health and well being of their families.

A great way to spark a herbal passion is to try high quality herb products from reputable sources. Once the herb bug has caught on you’ll want to know more and more and more….

That’s what Herbology is all about. Spreading the word far and wide, bring herb awareness to everyone everywhere, no matter what their lifestyle choices.

Stay herbal!

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