Herbal oil the answer for eczema and dermatitis?


Eczema and dermatitis are very difficult to treat and those who suffer from it are driven to distraction by the discomfort they cause.  When babies and young children are affected it can be heart wrenching because the little ones can’t help themselves and often the scratching just makes things worse.

A couple of nights ago a local television program featured a herbal product I am quite interested in –  Garden Of Eden’s Baby Oil.

Always one to be wary of “snake oils” advertised as the latest cure, I looked into this herbal oil and so far I am impressed by the anecdotal evidence of its effectiveness.   Naturally the show featured a dermatologist who would prefer people to use cortisone based ointments and creams because “they have no side effects”.  Ok, so I don’t actually accept that cortisone doesn’t have side effects and I am more open than this particular expert as to the healing power of herbs.

Said to be based on an Aryuvedic formula of 14 herb extracts and 9 plant oils the oil is marketed as a baby oil, but can be used safely on any skin type. Since eczema and dermatitis is a common problem it comes as no surprise that the suppliers of this product have sold out after the program was aired.   The next shipment is expected in early August.

I have just ordered a bottle of the oil for my son who has a very resistant case of eczema and I’ll be more than happy to report how that works for him.

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