Herbal lament…


Sometimes I wish I lived in the UK or Europe.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Australia, the lifestyle is brilliant and I am rarely cold (or wet in these days of drought). However, speaking strictly from a herbal perspective – sigh – that’s where they grow wild.


I was watching Jamie Oliver at Home the other night (yep, cooking show junkie) and he was making a lovely salad. He made this throw away comment, as if what he was saying was so run of the mill, “…in summer you could throw in some stinging nettle tops..”. Oh sure! I live in the sub tropics. I can not just pop out for a lovely walk and pick some young nettle shoots from some hedgerow. I know nettles aren’t a great example as they do in fact grow in quite a few places in Australia (except my place).

But you get the idea. I would love to wild craft. I would love to take my boys for a walk and be able to point out these nutritional powerhouses that just grow by the side of the road. That is how I grew up. Herbs, fruit, mushrooms…..we collected all sorts of treasures and prepared them straight away with eager anticipation of the impending feast.


Ok, just saw the weather report for Europe and UK……very happy to stay in Australia, thank you…..finished complaining for now 🙂



Stay Herbal!

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