Herbal Heaven


Good morning herb lovers, greetings from Germany!


I couldnt help myself, I just had to share my afternoon with you all.

I am in Frankfurt with my family. There is a very old fashioned (very big, very beautiful, very busy etc) Christmas Market here that we spent time at this afternoon.

Stalls sell food (lots of food) and drink (plenty of that too) and many varied Christmas related crafts. Ahhh so much nostalgia, I love it.


Anyway, herbs…..


There are stall that sell herb lollies. I bought three bags – thyme, elderflower and lemon balm. They had oodles, unfortunately they didnt have a menu and I have forgotten half on the way home. But certainly there were the usual cold and flu related ones (it being minus 5 degrees and all)…..but there were unusual ones like Woodruff too. The menu on the wall explained what they are traditionally taken for. A 250g bag approx. AU$2.80 – very good value in my book.


I’d love to tell you more but my sn is dragging at me to get him some roast goose for dinner – yeah right, like a 2 year old knows what roast goose is – but that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it 😉


If I dont see you guys before hand – Frohe Weihnachten!






Stay Herbal!

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