Herbal Hair Care


When you buy your shampoos at the supermarket you are using materials that are full of chemically altered ingredients made so that the products will last longer than they naturally should. One of the reasons those is not good for your hair is that your hair is slightly acidic with a PH level of about 5 and the synthetic products are strongly alkaline. If you are not about to throw out all your favourite lotions and potion then you may at least want to try a herbal rinse that can clean, condition and restore your hair’s natural PH level.

If you are interested in doing more than that you will be happy to hear that hair responds beautifully to herbs and there are herbs for all types of hair. You can make rinses, shampoos, conditioners, treatments for dandruff, hair loss & hair dye and even hair dye. The herbal goodness comes in the form of infused vinegars, oils, teas and essential oils can also be used.

The herbs known to be good for different types of hair are:

* For dark hair – Parsley, Rosemary, Sage

* For light hair – Chamomile, Mullein, Marigold

* For red hair – Henna

* For oily hair – Lavender, Thyme, Witch Hazel, Yarrow

* For dry hair – Marigold

* For brittle hair – Horsetail

To prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth you may wish to consider these herbs:

* Burdock

* Catnip

* Chamomile

* Lavender

* Rosemary

* Saw Palmetto

* Thyme

* Yucca

In today’s commercial world many men and women are constantly buying different chemically enhanced products to make their hair fuller or shinier when in fact all they need is a little horsehair to bring body and almond oil to shield their hair from the sun. It can be as simple as that. By taking the route of herbal treatments for your hair (and skin for that matter) you are using nature to keep you healthy and at the end of the day it is these methods that have been used for many millennia all over the world.

exclamation.jpgIf you are taking medication, be sure to use a clarifying shampoo as medications are excreted through the hair, leaving a fine, thin film, which can dull your hair.

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