Herbal Footprints…


Good morning herb lovers,


The term “carbon footprint” is becoming more and more embedded into our language. We are concerned about what effect our energy consumption will have on the planet and our future.


What does this have to do with herbs?


Well I was making an ointment for a friend the other day. Her mother suffers from a very annoying and unsightly form of dermatitis and wanted to try a natural remedy.

The recipe called for a hot infused oil, which was to be made by leaving the herb material soak in oil in a warm oven for 3 to 5 hours. Have the oven running for a small bowl of oil for 3 to 5 hours?! Well I thought that was just a little too much energy consumption for my liking. So instead of the suggested heating method I had the oil on the gas stove, heated it slowly, and then turned it off. I let it sit and do its thing for about an hour before giving it a bit more heat. I did this probably 3 more times each time leaving it an hour or so in between heating.


Have any of you found that you have adjusted the way you use energy at home?


Guess anything that makes the earth last that bit longer and that way providing us with healing herbs longer as well – has got to be a good thing.



Stay Herbal!

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