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Hello Herb Lovers,

On Sunday Pixie Boy and I went to the Northey Street Organic Markets in Windsor (Brisbane).  After we had our usual Tibetan Morning Rice for breakfast – creamed rice with goji berries, pistachios, orange syrup and whipped cream – we went on a bit of a wander to see what we could find.

One of our finds were the Wort Organic herbal softdrinks that I have reported on once before.  Years ago I accidentally stumbled across one of their drinks while on holiday in NSW. I loved them then and hoped that more wide spread distribution would follow swiftly.  Well, I hadnt seen it again until this past weekend.  And I bought up big.

Wort Organic

There were three flavours on offer:

Original Lemon & Ginger – A refreshing combination of organic ginger, lemon myrtle, chamomile and sage.

Travel Easy – A century old recipe combining bracing peppermint with the goodness of certified organic ginger.

Wild Potion – Zesty lemon myrtle sweetened with natural Xylitol wild harvested from birch trees.

I would have loved to try all three but due to my pesty food intolerances I could not buy Wild Potion (it contains apple juice which I can not have). But I did manage to grab a couple of 4packs of each of the other two.

The Lemon & Ginger drink is lovely and refreshing with the perfect hint of ginger, which can be quite overpowering otherwise. I’d happily drink this when ever I felt like a sparkling drink.
I found the peppermint to be quite intense in the Travel Easy drink – pleasant, but an unexpectedly strong taste.  If one goes by the name of this drink it is meant to ease travel sickness and it would certainly be strong enough to have that effect.  I would happily drink this to combat nausea or a bloated tummy but probably not just to quench my thirst.

I think it’s terrific that there are people out there who reinvent old herbal recipes and bring them to us in a way that fits in with our fast, modern world.  Please support the local producers who keep the old ways alive.

The Wort Organic website unfortunately is completely hopeless. It has the potential of being a very stylish site, but it has no real information whatsoever.  It would be nice to read more about their philosophy, the background to their choice of herbal recipes, and a distribution list where one can find stockists around Australia and/or the world.  A shame, but perhaps they are only new and the site will evolve with their continued growth.

Hope you can find these products in your neck of the woods – if you can give them a try!

Stay herbal

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