Herbal Aromatherapy Works While You Sleep


Hello Herb Lovers,

Life has been pretty chaotic in our part of the world – which kinda explains why there haven’t been any posts recently.

Herbs as usual have been my salvation from completely losing my mind to stress – my famous Hugs-In-A-Cup tea works wonders on my nerves by easing anxiety, instilling a sense of calm and improving my mood.  Apart from my daily tea I have also found a marvellous new pillow at my local store.


The Herbafill Scented Pillow really took my fancy when I saw it. It comes filled with either Peppermint to relieve stress or Lavender to improve sleep.  Sleeping isn’t a problem for me, I just need to find the time to do it.  So stress relief sounded great to me – and I LOVE the scent of fresh peppermint.

At first I was concerned that peppermint would be too invigorating to allow good sleep but a few weeks in now it has not made my mind any more alert at bedtime.

When you first open the wrapping a strong scent of peppermint fills the air and you wonder if you made the right choice.  But soon you realise that the scent is no longer overwhelming but soothing.  After a few weeks of use the pillow definitely still holds the scent but it has mellowed to a really nice level now.

Does it work?  Well, I might be imagining things but I believe that I am dealing a lot better with my interrupted sleeps, and the day that follows.
Pixie Boy still wakes many times during the night so I have not had the pleasure of a complete night’s sleep for a very long time. And I believe that I would usually be a lot more affected by the disruptions than I am of late. Whether that is due to the peppermint pillow or that my mind has decided to just go with the flow – *shrugs* who knows, I love the pillow and I am less stressed. Sounds like success to me 🙂

For those of you who do not wish to trade their favourite pillow for a new herbal one do not despair.  Herbal pillows have been popular for centuries.  You can make a small pillow filled with your favourite sleeping herbs and pop it in the bed to scent your bedding.  Popular choices are lavender pillows and hops too has been known to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.  There are many other type of dream pillows you can make e.g. to enhance your dreams, to calm nerves – benefit from the power of aromatherapy in your sleep.

Stay herbal

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