Herb Inspired Jewellery


While I was trawling Etsy for all those creative herb garden markers the other day I couldnt help but be distracted by some shiny things. These particular shiny things are pieces of jewellery inspired by herbs.  Don’t you just love that???  Anyway, all in the name of finding herbal goodies for my birthday wishlist….erm….latest blog contribution. Here are a few things I found that really appealed:

1. Handsculpted Layered Mint Leaf Earrings – Recycled Silver and Gold

2. Sage Necklace – Recycled Silver

3. Porcelain Arnica Leaf Earrings

4. Colonial Mint & Peridot Bracelet

5. Tiny Sliver Mint Leaf Pendant

6. Buttercup & Cinquefoil Pendant

7. Catmint Leaf Earrings

8. Fallen Leaf – Rustic Silver Ring

9. Gold Ginkgo Leaf Pin

10. Fine Silver Leaf Necklace

11. Necklace Cinnamon Vintage Ephemera

12. Leaf Bangle

I cant decide whether I should visit Etsy more often to find gorgeous things made by gorgeous people, or if I should stay away because all these temptation are too much for my purse strings to bear. Did I mention I have a birthday coming up???

Stay herbal

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