Herb Gardening – Not Holidaying


Happy Valentine’s Day herb lovers,

I realised today that I STILL havent written about our holiday. This post is no different it’s also not about the holiday 🙂

This is about the new herbal project. A herb garden!

Yes, yes, I know…..an endeavour that is fated to end in misery, given my history with growing anything.


But I have this dream you see. I would very much like an olde worlde garden, a physic garden of medieval times. The one that is my latest obsession will not be like that at all, but it will be start of my “I too can grow stuff” journey.

So I have joined the light of my life in the outdoors – in the daylight even!! He is building a new shed to make way for his sandpit project and I so far have denuded my patch of weeds and two large yucca trees (are they trees?). I have several blisters to prove that my toiling was of a serious nature. While busy with said toiling, it occurred to me that this is the first time that the two of us have worked together in the garden since Easter 2001. It also occurred to me that this might be the reason for the abysmal state of our garden.

As part of the project I am taking photos so I can do a before, during and after thing. Not sure if I’ll put it up here or on Herbology. Depends on how big this all gets.


Since it is Valentine’s Day I thought I would give a plug for the Herbology Thymes Love Herbs for Love edition. Valentine’s ideas for everyone – herbal gift ideas, recipes for a romantic 3 course dinner and much more 😉 Yes I know it’s a tad late to only start stuff now but you may not see your love till the weekend, so some of you will have time up your sleeve yet 🙂 Plus the flowers are back to normal by then, pricewise that is.


Stay Herbal!

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